Вторая открытая лекция профессора Университета Ростока (Германия) Курта Зандкуля

18 марта 2015 года в 18.00 в 422 ауд. состоится открытая лекция иностранного соруководителя международной научной лаборатории "Интеллектуальные технологии для социо-киберфизических систем", профессора Университета Ростока (Германия) Курта Зандкуля (Kurt Sandkuhl) на тему "Моделирование организаций для изучения организационного контекста социо-киберфизических систем" (Enterprise Modeling for Understanding the Organizational Context of Socio-Cyberphysical Systems). Лекция будет проведена на английском языке.


Аннотация (англ.):

Many systems and organizations seem complex and difficult to understand – until you show their elements and structures and reveal relations and dependencies. Enterprises are such complex systems with their different organizational units, workflows and production processes, products and services offered to different customer groups, IT systems and production resources, etc. Enterprise Modeling is a technique that helps to capture the different elements and structures of an enterprise as well as to visualize the inter-dependencies between the elements.

Enterprise Modeling can be used for different purposes, one of them is to understand the context of Socio Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). CPS tightly integrate physical systems and cyber (IT) systems based on interaction between these systems in real time. CPS rely on communication, computation and control infrastructures commonly consisting of several levels for both the physical and the IT-part. CPS often are used in enterprises and integrated into work processes or related to organizational actors. To understand this enterprise context of CPS is supporting the alignment of technical and organizational needs.

The guest lecture will give a short introduction into enterprise modeling and Socio Cyber-Physical Systems. The enterprise context of CPS will be investigated based on an example of a CPS from logistics industries.